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With all our conversions and modifications our aim is to make your vehicle both structurally sound and pleasing to the eyes. Right at the beginning we assess the vehicles to determine how they should look when finished, this usually means we build your vehicle many times in our imagination before we start to cut things. This is especially true for new concepts but also with our tried and tested conversions where we are constantly upgrading or reinventing components to bring you a better vehicle.

Chassis extensions ranging from 200mm up 1000mm are possible on most vehicles and although we usually do a body conversion along with the chassis it is a very popular modification on the Hilux, Navara, Rodeo or other smaller utilties to gain tray length, especially on the dualcabs.

After disassembly of the trim and body panels usually the first job is the chassis, depending on the extension length chosen all necessary fittings are removed and the unnecessary bracketry relating to the wagon body is removed, this gives the rear of your chassis an uncluttered look, just like any of the factory utilities.


The chassis is then cut and extended, all our chassis work is engineered to meet the Australian Design Rules and are registerable in any state. Depending on which state you’re in we will liaise with the relevant authority or engineers to ensure a smooth process. Once the chassis is completed we manufacture the mounts for rear tray body. Tray mounts are fabricated in the same way as a factory ute and are “checked” into the chassis to give the body the required side loading strength, the flipside of our methods are that when you look under the back of a Wide Bay Motor Bodies conversion it looks neat and professional

All our conversions from wagons and body extensions from utilities have mounts fitted to the back of the cabin to support the weight of passengers or baggage, these rubberized mounts are fitted to a welded on bracket and are symmetrical, that is we fit one per side just like the factory, to ensure that the pressures of normal use don’t leave you with a vehicle that will stress crack over time. On that note Wide Bay Motor Bodies gives a lifetime structural warranty on all our chassis work, as long as the vehicle is owned by the original owner, if it cracks or breaks we will fix it for free, having said that in the last twelve years we haven't had a chassis come back for any structural failure.

Body work on our conversions is done using hand formed steel. Fabricated panels are made using 1.0mm or 1.2mm Z/A sheet steel depending on their structural load. Rear corners of the cab on all our conversions have a 40mm round finish to give a high quality "factory" look to the back panel .All external seams are fully seam weld and carry the same lifetime structural guarantee as our chassis work. A vent is fitted to the rear of the cab to release air pressure when the doors are closed or the air conditioning is turned on . Internal bracing and box sections are spot welded in and all joins are fully sealed to prevent rust forming. After the welding is completed and the cab is prepared for paint we spray both inner and outer surfaces with a high quality two pack primer.

Painting of our conversions is completed using top quality two pack topcoat or clear over base depending on the original finish of your vehicle. Once painted we upholster the interior of all our conversions to match the original colours and format of the existing interior, usually this will mean a light coloured headlining felt from the window line up and a darker coloured carpet from the window down to the floor. The rear of the cab wall is sound proofed and Cavity wax is applied to the internal panel, seams and welds to prevent rust and then the trims and fittings are refitted and modified as necessary.

Finally the vehicles are completely reassembled and fitted with either a WBMB steel or AMA aluminum tray body .For the rear windows we fit a large tinted laminated window of our own design and each window is shaped to fit the body contours of each vehicle and the existing tint colour .Finally any optional extras and accessories are fitted before your newly converted vehicle is sent to a professional detailer to be cleaned and polished from top to toe.

We are asked a lot of questions about our conversions and whether we do other fabrication projects so in the following page we'll try to answer some of the more frequently ask questions.

GVM. This is the maximum weight that the manufacturer certifies the vehicle to carry, this includes all the extras like bullbars, roofracks, fuel and people. When a vehicle is converted the GVM doesn't alter and as a result of the conversion the weight of the vehicle doesn't alter significantly so the carrying capacity of your dualcab will be very close to the wagons carrying capacity.

Something to consider when deciding on the type of tray or extras you would like is what the end weight will be. With this in mind WBMB offers an alloy tray as standard on our conversions but if you really want a steel tray we have the option of a steel tray with an alloy checkerplate floor which has a significant weight saving over steel checkerplate (we will do a steel checker floor if needed though). The GVM can be raised slightly in some states and we would be happy to provide the the contact details of Engineers in your vicinity.




CVM. This is the weight of your vehicle and the legally allowed weight of your trailer combined. Again this is set by the factory and can only be increased by a Engineer. Although you may not want to go down the path of a CVM increase you will find that a WBMB dualcab with a chassis extension will tow that caravan or boat with ease and the added vehicle length will give you a more "planted" feel on the road when towing at the upper limits of your vehicles capacity.

Engineering. All our conversions/modifications are done to the National Code of Practice and are registerable in all states, as each state has it's own system of certifiying vehicle modifications the proccess will be different ( and also the cost) but the end result is that your WBMB conversion will be on the road in your home state with a minimum of fuss.

General Fabrication Athough the Dualcab and extracab conversions form a big part of our business we are equipt to do a wide range of fabrication and modification projects;

Light truck tipping units can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles.

Pop-top conversions can be done on most vans.

Tray bodies both in alloy and steel can be manufactured and fitted.

Service bodies and canopies in steel or aluminium.

Truck and bus body fabrication and repairs.

Pallet lifters to light/medium trucks and utilities

Getting here. Cockatoo is approximatly an hours drive east of the Melbourne CBD and is well supported by public transport with connections to Tullamarine airport Bus and train services available from almost our front door

What ever your needs, contact Wide bay Motor Bodies to discuss your next project.




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